Machining for The Firearm Examiner - Extended Off-Site Training in Dayton, Ohio

Class Dates:

Precision Forensic Testing offers an in depth training course for firearm examiners on the topic of Machining for the Firearm Examiner.  This is a 3 day course which combines hands-on machining of samples, lecture and exercises is a thorough exploration of the various machining techniques used in the production of firearms.  Students will use the same machines utilized in the production of firearm components to produce samples for the laboratory exercises.  Our facilities include a milling machine, lathe, stamping press, and grinders.  Additionally, the laboratory rooms house 6 comparison microscopes and 2 stereo scopes. 

This information is essential gaining a comprehensive understanding of class, subclass, and individual characteristics.  This information is critical when challenged on the individuality of the machining process in court.

Topics of the course
The following machining methods: mill, lathe, stamping, broaching, grinding, EDM, ECM, and finishing techniques.  Additionally, the relation of these to techniques to firearm surfaces (breechface, firing pin, extractor, etc.) 



Modern barrel manufacturing processes including drilling, broaching, button rifling, hammer forging, and ECM.  This course is designed to benefit both new and experienced firearm examiners. 

Samples provided to students
Consecutively machined items exhibiting sub-class characteristics
Consecutively broached slides producing cartridge cases
Consecutively hammer forged barrel samples

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