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Basic Firearm ID Kit

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Basic Firearm ID Kit

The Basic Forensic Firearm Identification Kit includes both fired bullets and cartridge cases for students to perform examinations and analysis.  Students will utilize techniques performed in forensic laboratories.  As with all kits manufactured by Precision Forensic Testing, these kits are designed and made by practicing forensic analysts.

The lab exercises will occupy 15 (30 if working in pairs)students at a time based on the supplies included.  Also included are test banks containing True/False, multiple choice, matching, PowerPoint, and Firearm Jeopardy.

Each kit includes:

  • 9 Fired Bullets*
  • 9 Fired Cartridge Cases*
  • 6 Plastic Vernier Calipers
  • Power Point Presentation for teaching Firearm Identification
  • Power Point Presentation for teaching Lab Techniques
  • Teacher Notes
  • Three Laboratory Exercises
  • Test Bank

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