Stamped Serial Number Restoration Metal

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Stamped Serial Number Restoration Metal

Traditionally, laboratories use  firearms from their reference collection for serial number restoration training.  This set will provide an alternative method of training/practicing while ensuring the integrity of laboratory firearms.  These can be used by trainees, interns, and college teaching.

The metals chosen are similar to those used in the manufacturing of firearms and in automobile parts (VIN restoration).  The serial numbers are stamped on the bar stock using an 8 ton OBI press which is the same equipment used in the firearm industry.

To provide the maximum value to your laboratory, serial numbers have been stamped on both sides of the metal.  (40 total serial number restorations per set)  The serial numbers are intact on the samples.  This allows the lab analyst to determine the method and amount of obliteration.

Hosting a serial number restoration course or do you have multiple trainees?  Quantity discounts available.  Please e-mail for quote.

Each set includes:

  • 5 pieces 300 Series Stainless Steel
  • 5 pieces 4140 Heat Treated Alloy
  • 5 pieces Hot Rolled Steel
  • 5 pieces 7075 Aluminum
  • 4 pieces for reference (0-9 stamped)

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