Gunshot Residue Analysis Kit

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Gunshot Residue Analysis Kit

Precision Forensic Testing has developed a Gun Shot Residue (Powder Pattern Analysis) lecture and laboratory which uses the same techniques used in processing evidence in crime laboratories.

In addition to learning the correct technique, students learn the methods and science behind developing gunshot residue patterns on fabric samples which have been shot from an unknown distance.  In the laboratory exercise, students will use known standards (included with the kit) to determine the distance of the firearm from the fabric.

The lecture includes a case study to further emphasize the importance of performing Gun Shot Residue analysis.  As with other Power Points produced by PFT, teacher notes are included to assist in lecturing.

The kit includes everything you will need to perform the laboratory exercise.  Additionally, to make this lab exercise even easier the photo paper for testing the fabric has been pre-treated.  The only item that is not supplied is white vinegar which is available from any grocery store.

Each kit includes:

  • 20 fabric samples for performing laboratory exercise*
  • 20 treated test papers
  • 20 pieces of cheese cloth
  • 5 pipettes
  • 20 Nitrite test swabs
  • MSDS
  • Power Point Presentation for teaching Gun Shot Residue Analysis
  • Power Point Presentation for teaching Lab Techniques
  • Teacher Notes
  • Lab printout with worksheets

*additional fabric samples and treated test papers available for purchase separately.

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