Firearm Case Backlog Reduction and Case Review

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Precision Forensic Testing now offers backlog reduction for agencies that are overwhelmed with case submissions.  Additionally, we also can assist in re-working case work in the event that there have been QA issues.

We offer a full service 2500 square foot facility complete with:
1)  6 state of the art comparison microscopes (4 Leeds and 2 Leica) which have 300 DPI imaging capabilities. 
2)  Watertank for retrieving test fired bullets.
3) 17025 calibrated caliper, micrometer, and weights.
4) Seven Firearm Examiners
    -Total years experience:  141 years
    -ANAB inspectors:  4
    -AFTE Certified:  6
    -Workshops/articles/presentations: 100+   
5) Over 50,000 rounds of reference ammunition

Precision Forensic Testing is not an accredited laboratory, however, all of our analysts work for accredited laboratories and follow the same guidelines when working independent work at PFT and are held to the same standards/professional ethics. 

Additionally, Precision Forensic Testing is has now been approved as an OSAC (Organization of Scientific Area Committees) registry implementer for its high-quality standards and practices in forensic science by the National Institutes of Science and Technology-sponsored OSAC.  We are one of 88 Laboratories to be granted this accomplishment. 

OSAC recognizes crime labs that meet rigorous standards as defined in their Registry. The Registry is a repository of technically sound standards and best practices for forensic laboratories.

Please e-mail with your needs and a quote for what we can provide for you.